Nexus Ops at BGG Con

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


Wonderful custom Monolith for Nexus Ops in which I never did control but did manage to win the game. I always thought control of the Monolith was essential for victory but I completed my missions and that gave me the game.

Sewer Pirats

Posted: May 6, 2013 in boardgames


Who could not resist trying this theme for a game? In Sewer Pirats, vermin cruise down the vile waters to collect the most valuable trash. Your crew? A rat, snail, weasel, racoon, cockroach and toad. 4 of these vile creatures will comprise your crew on 3 ships each players creatures trying to be Captain of the ship or at least get on board for a cut of the booty! The Captain gets the best prize and then it all slides down hill, kind of like the corporate world! HA!

The components in this game ae top notch. Fantasy Flight sets a new bar in cardboard counters these are the Rolls Royce of cardboard counters! The minis are well done. Take a look on the internet at some of the paint jobs! Fantastic! The creature abilities are perfect! For example, the cockroach can slip on a ship without playing cards and the Weasel can “weasel” onto another ship and be captain again, while to toad hops forward and the Racoon robs a card from you just like a bandit!

I played several games of this and enjoyed them all. The game is not too long and it has many difficult decisions. Love it!

Mr. Jack Pocket

Posted: May 3, 2013 in boardgames


I have been playing games a long time and I have never seen so much game packed into such a small box. Mr. Jack Pocket is a two player tour de force which keeps you on the edge of your seat as one player plays Sherlock Holmes and the other player plays Jack the Ripper. This deduction game is unlike any other no cards, just flipping counters, making moves and trying to eliminate suspects before time runs out. It is short and very satisfying and I highly recommend it!

Oh and by the way my favorite Sherlock Holmes is Basil Rathbone!


Up late last night trying to become a Jedi Master in Star Wars Pinball. I purchased the Empire Strikes Back table and it is certainly the best pinball game I have played on the Kindle Fire HD. Reminds me of the Marvel pinball tables on the Xbox but I give the edge to this one with great effects, incredible sound effects, and smooth gameplay!

The Boba Fett table looks good and I am just moments away from buy that one too!

I am playing the light side not the dark side although some folks on BGG might think that is not appropriate but then again they are too busy playing Loupin’ Louie to care! HA!

Mighty Dungeons

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Aps


I’m not a big fan of tablet games but one recently caught my eye called Mighty Dungeons. A dungeon crawler for my Kindle HD that is like the old board game Heroquest. Reminds me of the days of good old Basic D&D when the game was at its best before collapsing with rules overload. Mighty Dungeons has your full cast of character and spells (Fireball being my favorite so far) and the game is not a drawn out all night affair that you might expect from an Xbox RPG, no you can finish a session in 30 min, which is perfect for me because I have other things, like eating and living on my agenda!



One of the few games I love on the Kindle! 



Assault on Hoth

Posted: May 1, 2013 in boardgames


We were just talking about Viking Gods with its paper map and thin counters so now we go to the Star Wars Universe with Assault on Hoth that also has a paper map and rather thin components but the game packs a punch so you don’t really notice.

Assault on Hoth is a tactical battle game much like the command and colors system in which you play out the battle of Hoth as seen in the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

The game includes all the necessary features like taking down the power grid, using the force and harpooning walkers to make them fall like dominoes.

The game is very well balanced and very detailed and you track damage for individual walkers and speeders. A super fun game that is out of print but well worth your time hunting it down.

Assault on Hoth, Star Wars the Queens Gambit and Star Wars Epic Duels are the 3 best Star Wars Boardgames out there and a must for a Star Wars Fan collection!



When I first saw the game Undermining I immediately thought of the Doctor Who Robots of Death episode. Where the Robots on board the mining vehicle go crazy and start killing of the humans and giving the crew “Robophobia”.

In the game Undermining you are mining a planet for different valuable elements and fulfilling contracts to earn money or Star Bucks which is not coffee but the currency in the game. While mining you also encounter alien artifacts which allow you to perform many additional actions and powers.

My variant for the game simply entails pasting a Robot face on one of the player aid cards and slipping this card in the artifacts deck, so a player runs the risk of “Robophobia” when mining an artifact. When a player draws the “Robophobia” card his vehicle shuts down and loses a turn. A simple variant that gives the game Undermining a distinct Doctor Who flavor. A cool game however you play it!