The Right Way to Play Cash ‘n Guns?

Posted: July 13, 2010 in boardgames

Cash ‘n Guns is an Ameritrash Classic. I will admit that a lot of people attach the word “classic” to a lot of games and although Cash ‘n Guns has not been around that long it has truly earned that badge of honor.

However, there is a subtle problem with Cash ‘n Guns. The game requires you to point rubber guns at other players and some other reviewers have mocked how some of the players act when they do this gun pointing. The “elite” Euro crowd often finds it silly to be playing with guns in a game, that is kid’s play and they feel more at home quietly selecting a role in a quiet game of “Puerto Rico

On the other side is the unabashed Ameritrash Gamer that feels the game should be played balls out and in take no prisoners mode but even then a middle aged man doing this looks , well kind of ridiculous.

It is certainly a dilema. How do you play Cash ‘n Guns without being self conscious and looking ridiculous? I am not sure I have an answer to that but I can tell you the game is fun and action packed. Play it how you see fit but for the sake of the rest of us take no videos or photos and keep your windows closed.


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