Posted: August 5, 2010 in boardgames

I just returned from vacation where I played quite a few new games and one of the notable games I played was  Cyclades. The game centers around greek mythology, A Clash of the Titans  served up sweet and includes a both an auction style of play mixed with combat. The theme for the game is its main strenth along with the beautiful components. I enjoyed all games I played of this game.  I am a big proponent of simplicity in games but I find the combat in Cyclades a tad TOO simple, yes it is just a simple dice roll with a few modifyers. However, the big pleasure are the Mythological beasts you can hire to do some damage to your opponents.

The game has multiple paths to victory and scales well for any number of players.  The Kraken could use some more balls along with Medusa, some of the creatures can be too tame but all in all a great new Ameritrash game.

I really like these new breed of simple, great looking , fast playing, kick ass Ameritrash games coming out like this and The Adventurer’s,  and Thunderstone. This is the way to go. Yes use your plastic pieces but lose the 100 page rule books and overpriced big boxes.


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