From the Gamecube with Love

Posted: August 12, 2010 in videogames

I must say that during my recent vacation I did a lot of videogaming. My brother a huge advovate of the Xbox 360 had a plethora of games for me to enjoy. During my stay and while browsing the isles of a local Gamestop store I came up on an old Gamecube game, “From Russia with Love“. Being a huge Bond fan I had to buy the game. Now, I have a Wii and since all Gamecube games work on the Wii I gave this game a shot and I am glad I did!

I was expecting low quality graphics and below average gameplay. I mean this is an old game from a dead system how could it possibly be good? But I tell you it is great ! The graphic rendition of Sean Connery as Bond is beautiful. The game is loaded with action from flying a jet pack, to driving the Astin Martin, to battling villians of all sorts.

The game loosly follows the movie and takes quite a few liberties which I am glad for since I know the movie by heart. I was pleasantly surprised by all the twists and turns. The game offers slow moving stealth and rapid action sequences plus many gadgets that include a laser watch, a Q-copter to fly inside air vents, and explosive cufflinks just to name a few.

You are also supplied with a virtual armory of weapons which distorts the Bond persona somewhat and turns him into a army man but the game is so much fun that is a minor quibble. The game features Sean Connery doing the voice as well which I cannot believe! I can’t believe he agreed to do that! It surprised me almost as much as Bill Murray doing his voice on the “Ghostbusters” game. Not only that but once you gain enough points you can unlock some hidden videos that show the making of the game and feature Connery talking about the game and seems impressed with the enterprise.

When I look at some of the popular videogame sites and see they rated this game a “7”, I have to laugh. These jaded thumbjockeys are paid off just like the payola pollyannas on boardgame sites and wouldn’t know a good game if it bit them in the ass. However, if you look at some of the reviews from the players you will see they love the game many give it a solid “10” which it deserves.

I finished the game and enjoyed it a lot more than a lot of the modern Wii and Xbox360 games that I have played. The game can be found cheap also which is great. The fact that it comes from a dead system is no concern. The modern video gamer, on the edge, only wanting the best graphics may be missing some true gems.

This game inspired me to search out other classic Gamecube titles that I have not played. You can almost get 10 gamecube games for the price of one new Wii or Xbox 360 game.

Cracking my thumbs…


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