Clue FX

Posted: August 17, 2010 in boardgames

Clue is a great game no matter how you slice it. When a bad movie is made about a boardgame you know it is a classic. The problem with Clue for me has always been the necessity of a 3rd player, however with Clue FX this is no longer true. That’s right Clue FX can be played with 2 players. I am often leary of tinkering with classics but this is a rare case of a classic made into perfection.

The game is also electronic which tracks the whereabouts of all the cast of characters and the Inspector who you seek out when you are ready to make a final accusation.

The game does away with the annoying dice rolls in the original Clue. It was quite annoying to struggle to get to a room with low dice rolls but now you simply go room to room and interogate whoever is in the room and you gather eveidence to close in on the culprit.

This game can be had for a song on ebay, it works great and in my opinion in the best Clue version out there and one of the best deduction games. A True Classic!


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