The Identity Crisis at ZMan Games

Posted: August 25, 2010 in boardgames

Hey guys, lets go out for Sushi before the NASCAR race! WHAT!?!?

Oil and Water don’t mix! You can’t be all things to all people. But can you be all things to all gamers?  It seems Zev at Z-man games thinks you can as he sports a game called Wasabi aside the bloody Roadkill Rally on the same shelf while two customers from two different worlds collide!

Some will argue that the hobby of boardgames is too small for these stylistic divisions but the same people that argue this are the very one’s responsible for the division. The Website Boardgamegeek in my opinion is totally responsible for dividing the boardgame community.  They silence and belittle those opinions that don’t follow their way of thinking. For example, in a recent article from a mainstream paper about boardgames gave a low rating to Zman’s “Pandemic” for being too complicated and the think tank at BGG said they didn’t really like boardgames.

It may be hard for those deep in the hobby to understand that almost everyone in the world does not find playing a game about disease the height of fun! HA!

The same can be said about a game about farming and oriental food, the themes themselves kill the game. But in an attempt to look cool and appeal to the Ameritrash crowd Zev swings the pendulum the other way and comes out with the tasteless Roadkill Rally where you run over pedestrians in cars!

But in this case the pendulum was swung so hard it fell off! Who can solve this indenity crisis at Z-man games?



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