Posted: September 8, 2010 in boardgames

DragonCon is my Con of choice. It offers more than gaming. It is a full force multi-media extravaganza. As I walked into the gaming room this year I wondered if they changed the name from DragonCon to DominionCon. I saw the game Dominion being played everywhere. The game was played by most people with no emotion as they mechanically shuffled their decks seemingly happy with the clever mechanic. However, at another table I watched as a group of youngsters enjoyed a game of Cash n’ Guns with a laughing grandmother watching and all had a great time. This is what gaming is all about!

I was happy to meet Barbara Eden from the 60’s show “I Dream of Jeannie” along with Larry Hagman and Bill Daly. Super Nice people and certainly more personality than the actors from Serenity! HA!

My Gomer Pyle costume was meet with a good reaction and in fact I was invited to Mayberry Days in North Carolina to celebrate the 50 years of the Andy Griffith show. I was also stopped by a couple of actual Marines who helped me make a few adjustments to my costume. What can I say but SHAZAAAAAAAAM!

DragonCon as usual put all other Cons to shame. Even the gaming at DragonCon was better than BGG Con. The only problem is that the Con has gotten so big that you have to wait hours just to get your badge. These problems need to be fixed, the badges simply need to be mailed. There was long lines for the events but still plenty of seating space. All Hotels were packed!

It was funny to see Men in Kilts on at the Con too! Derk Solko would have been right at home but in the end you have to ask yourself what kind of Geeks do you want to hang out with?

See you at DragonCon Next year!


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