Forbidden Island

Posted: September 17, 2010 in boardgames

Ahhhh, trim the fat on “Pandemic” and make a better theme and what do you get? Forbidden Island!!!

I played this one last night and it is indeed a simple version of “Pandemic” but the problem is, “Pandemic” was not that complicated in the first place, making “Forbidden Island” almost too simple.  I am a big advocate of simplicity but let’s try not to go down to “Candyland” level, unless it is a primarily a kids game.

The game is not bad, but it really doesn’t WOW you.  The real amazing thing about “Forbidden Island” is the cost. I picked up this game new for around $11.00! This is amazing considering the quality of the components and the super nice tin box. It is also very refreshing when most companies farm everything out to China and you know they are getting it done dirt cheap and they sell the games at the over $50.00 price point!

“Forbidden Island is a good game, especially for the price with a much better theme than “Pandemic”.


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