Marvel Heroscape

Posted: October 6, 2010 in boardgames

You have to love the pure unadulterated Elitism of the Hobby gamer who thinks that no good game could EVER be purchased at Walmart. After playeing Marvel Heroscape last night and really enjoying the game it began to dawn on me how much hobby gamers and their designers in the Ivory towers are hurting boardgaming.

It really helps to be able to use a franchise like the Marvel Universe in a game instead of some generic farming environment or bland , under playtested heros.

I was reading recently some of the comments on Marvel Heroscape about how the Hulk was too powerful!  Its funny but when I watch the Hulk movies I don’t see the Hulk fighting like a graceful European swashbuckler! Its all SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You also hear these same gamers say its a children’s game but you can find them playing Loupin’ Louie at some Gathering of Fools.


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