Posted: October 29, 2010 in boardgames

I played Days of Wonder’s Colosseum last night for the first time. After reading the rules I knew it would be nothing like Avalon Hill’s Circus Maximus where you feel the sting of the whip while cross indexing a CRT. It was definitely a resource management game and I did put on the Circus maximus show in my stadium but unfortunately it was not enough to win.

Management is the key because you are put into the role of manager of your own Colosseum trying to put on the biggest and best show while attracting the top talent and top officials to your events. Its all about turnout here as the winner is the person who attracts the biggest audience to a single event.

This game is hard to call Ameritrash with its designer being royalty amoung Euro Gamers Wolfgang Kramer but despite its Euro leanings it has quite a bit of mojo. Everyone last night enjoyed the game and it was easily understood by all.

The game slows down during the Investment phase when a player is trying to decide on what show to invest in as he looks carefully at each of the show tiles. This is the one sticking point in the game but it doesn’t kill it.

Trying to get the Emperor into your stadium is fun and so is the trading because everyone can see what you need and you have to decide if you want the show to go on in its full glory with all assets present. You have a lot of choices in this game but they are not overwhelming. The game kept everyone’s interest until the end.

Like all Days of Wonder games this one is beautiful and components are great. I liked the game and will play again!


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