Ring of Glory—Chapter 4

Posted: February 10, 2011 in boardgames

  Col. Winston Smyth was just beginning to formulate his strategy in the Avalon Hill Game “Afrika Korps” when he heard a gunshot. He put down his pipe grabbed his walking cane and pith helmet and ran to Cecil’s shack. Col. Winston Smyth entered the shack with much trepidation fearing the worst but was met with quite a surprise.

Cecil Gibbs fired a shot and instead of hitting Steve Avery hit a keg of beer that was resting high on a shelf above him. The keg was issuing a steady stream of beer as Steve Weeks entered the room and put his Elvis Presley stein under the stream of beer and filled it up. Bubbles entered with more glasses and steins and soon everyone in the room including Steve Avery and Jon Jacon had a stein of beer. Steve Weeks began to drink his beer in a single gulp and then went into the following song which is seen on the video below.

When Steve Weeks finished the song he went joyfully over to Steve Avery slapping him on the back!

“Welcome to the League of Untouchable American Gamers Mr. Avery and also to you Jon Jacob. I hope you guys didn’t mind us having a little fun with you!”

“Weeks you scared the shit out of me!”, Avery said while changing into another tank top.

“Well, I am sorry about that Avery but what brings you two guys all the way out here?”, said Mr. Weeks as he took another drink of beer.

Avery looked at Jon Jacob as he began to speak.

“Well Weeks it is like this, we are in trouble. The hobby is in trouble. The websites have no creativity now and the hobby has lost a lot of its flair and frankly since you have vanished from the gaming scene it has be nothing but dull and drab posts on all the game websites.”

Steve Weeks laughed. “I am sorry about that, but I couldn’t take that scene anymore. I just wanna retire here to my retreat and let those sandal clad fools knock each other in the head about what kind of FONT to use. I’m done with that!”

Jon jacob spoke. “But Steve, think of the hobby…think of those that really enjoyed your work.”

“Look if you guys are trying to get me to do another podcast or video you are pissing in the wind. I AM DONE”, said Steve as Col Winston Smyth adjusted his pith helmet.

Steve Avery spoke, “Its not a podcast or a video, this is a real challenge for you. What goal has eluded you in the history of your gaming career. What is the one single challenge that you have not acheived?”

Steve Weeks listened as Avery walked over to the wall of Cecil’s shack that had the farrah poster on it. The wall also had a large list in Comic Sans entitled ARCH ENEMIES. Avery pointed to the number one name on the list. Greg Schloesser!

“Schoesser! I want you to get in the ring with Greg Schoesser and duke it out. 10 rounds with the King of Euros! The King of Ameritrash vs the King of Euros, it would most certainly be a RING OF GLORY!

Outside Cecil’s shack was a large bananna tree and suddenly a man dressed in yellow camos using extreme stealth slipped a microphone close to the open window of the shack the man adjusted the small dish antennae on top of what looked like a chicken hat.

Meanwhile in Essen Germany a tall sinister man with a cape walked by an array of computer equipment as a meek man in hornrim glasses spoke.

“My Lord I am receiving transmission from Agent C2 in Bali!”

“BALI!!!!!!!! said  the sinister man in a booming evil voice. Let me hear that!”

The meek computer operator handing the headset to the sinister man who smiled while listening.

“Have Greg fly out to my lair.”

“yes, My Lord”

“Don’t call me My Lord, its my OVERLORD to you!”, bellowed the sinister overlord, for he was the EURO OVERLORD.


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