Ring of Glory—Chapter 6

Posted: February 14, 2011 in boardgames

  “But I do not want to fight anyone!”, protested Greg as he stood across the sinister desk of the EuroOverlord.

“Greg, who is responsible for your fame?, Who gave you the platform to write when you needed one, who is responsible for your gaming fame?”, boomed the EuroOverlord.

“I am responsible, you did nothing but create a bunch of bedlam and divided our hobby which is already small enough!, cried Greg.

The EuroOverlord got up from behind his desk and walked over to the wall which had a wall safe installed. He turned the dial and opened the safe. Inside he removed a large sealed envelope.

“You know what is in this envelope Greg? It is the first game review you ever did! You remember?”

“How did you get a hold of that?”, said Greg nervously.

“Oh I have my sources. Now tell me Greg how would it look for the King of Eurogames if I released this review?”

“You wouldn’t do that!”, said Greg

“Then go 10 rounds in the ring with Steve Weeks and I will destroy this review.”, said the EuroOverlord.

Greg sighed and slumped forward….

  Steve Avery was now showing Steve Weeks the photo of the tattoo he captured as the kilted one flied away.

“That really cuts it!”, said Steve Weeks as he kicked his Houston Texans garbage can.

Steve Avery smile.

“Then you will fight!”

Steve Weeks looked at Avery and said…

“Let’s do it!”

Steve Weeks then was motivated beyond all words. He began to formulate his strategy for the Fight with Greg. Steve Avery and Jon jacob worked hard and helped train Mr. Weeks who was out of shaper due to the luxury life at his retreat on Bali.


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