Ring of Glory—Chapter 7

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everybody who was anybody in gaming was at the Astrodome in Houston for the big fight between Steve Weeks and Greg Schloesser. Sitting ringside was the EuroOverlord. The bell rings and Steve Weeks and Greg come to the center of the ring. The referee speaks,

“OK I want a clean fight, no house rules here!”

As Steve Weeks slowly returned to his corner he felt a sudden strange feeling, Greg was feeling it also. Both Steve and Greg were feeling like pawns in a much larger game. They both felt manipulated and both felt they were being forced to fight a fight that neither of them wanted. As they both returned to the center of the ring to sit down to a game of  “Road Kill Rally”, Steve pushed the game to the floor and set up a game of “Settlers of Canaan”

Greg smiled and while Steve and Greg played in peace a group began to sing the song below in the video.

Members of the audience were stunned! A reporter for Fortress Ameritrash wanted to post this amazing scene of their website but as he typed in the web address on his laptop the screen said “WEBSITE NOT FOUND” and a picture of a dove floated across the screen! The same thing happened for a reporter for BGG!  The same thing happened for a reporter from Boardgame News but this was not so amazing since the website was REALLY not found.

Just then, the EuroOverlord collapsed to the floor and was having trouble breathing. Steve and Greg rushed to his aid and struggled to get his helmet off. As the helmet came off the ghastly white face smiled.

“I am sorry”, said Steve. “We tried to save you!”

The man said, “You already have!” and then he vanished.

A stream of sunlight highlighted the game in the center of the ring, the RING OF GLORY~!


  1. Stephen Avery says:

    OMG. you’ve written a f*cking novella. I’ve popped in infrequently every week or so and your blog gets posts now and then. Suddenly you’re writing pages. What has brought on the creative spurt?

    BTW I threw a jibe at you in the last Dicetower episode. You’re either going to laugh or smash your computer screen. Either way- mission acomplished.


    • JonJacob says:

      This is hillarious. I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks now and I don’t know what brought this on but I guess being banned form every site has it’s advantages. You’re forced to sit in your cave and write alone. Bring the podcast back! It’s the only one I could listen to regularily. It also looks like Avery stole your spot on Dicetower… I’d fight him if I were you!

      What new games are you looking at these days? Anything on your radar?

  2. @ Avery–I am not sure what you are talking about concerning the Dicetower. I was fired from the Dicetower. According to Tom there was a “huge wave” of discontent, however I did read a few comments on BGG saying they liked that “Ameritrash Guy”.
    maybe we can have a joint appearnce of the Dice tower. I would like to debunk some of the Steve Weeks Myths and shine the spotlight on the oversensitivity at the Fort.

    @JonJacob Nothing on my radar at the moment. Really sad crop of stuff at the moment. The market seems stale to me. Hopefully it will pick up.

  3. StephenAvery says:

    Joint co hosting on the Dicetower would be hilarious. Sounding good on the recording is a lot harder than it seems though. Big Props to you on your podcasts- they sound awesome. You really should start it up again.


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