Smart Phones are Killing Boardgames

Posted: March 7, 2011 in boardgames

It is hard to write an article like this without sounding like an Old Fogey who prefered the days of radio before Television but the fact is that Iphones are killing boardgames! Some would argue that pioneers like Knizia who are putting out games for Iphones are blazing a bold new path and promoting boardgames more than ever but I say HOGWASH!.


Iphones are filling up every last minute of free time so much so that no time is left for boardgaming. Those Iphones are addicting and seem so much easier than pulling out carboard and setting it up, waiting for friends to arrive when you can simply melt into your couch and flip on the iphone.

Many are doing this now as boardgames begin to blow through our memories like tumbleweeds in an old western ghost town. I could go on and on but the best statement that has ever been made on this subject was an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when they were all addicted to a game. I say if you want to preach to nerds use their own language, so  watch the video below and take my challenge of going one week without the Iphone and pull out more cardboard for the good of the hobby!

  1. JonJacob says:

    They may be killing little games like Carc and several Knizia titles but I doubt they’ll ever touch the big nerd games. I have no interest in playing a game in real life that I’ve already explored in any video game media, iOS, Wii, Xbox etc..

    The other problem is that many great board games are so dependent on the other players that it’s pretty much useless to play them with a phone. How the hell would I enjoy a game of Ca$h and Gun$ with a phone or T.V.? I don’t think it works. If it kills off the development of multi-player solitaire stuff then I don’t really care. Let games like Zooloretto and Poison clutter up iTunes for all I care.

    I’ll take your challenge though and stay off for a week. Just to see what happens. I’m enjoying a lot of quick games of Puzzle Strike these days so it would probably be good to stay away from my phone devil.

    I don’t disagree with you, many nerds are jumping on the “iOS will save our hobby” train and it’s a dead end. Good games save our hobby, not screens.

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