The Weeks Family Legend of Saint Patrick’s Day

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since it is Saint Patrick’s Day I thought I would share this legend with you. Years ago my uncle traced our family tree back to Ireland and England. One of our ancestors from Ireland came to America as a shoe maker, Ebenezer Weeks. Ebenezer Weeks was rumored to have a leprechaun working for him. Leprechauns are according to legend to be shoe makers, which would tie him to Ebenezer Weeks. Although Ebenezer Weeks was a modest man it was rumored that he had found the leprechaun’s treasure and had also saved the life of the leprechaun that was about to be crushed by a large boulder. Since Ebenezer had saved his life, the Leprechaun pledged his service to Ebenezer AND his ancestors.

No one in the Weeks family has ever claimed to spot a leprechaun except ME!

When I was 6 years old I was playing outside in the evening. I was with a couple of other kids and I was waiting for the street light to come on. When the light came on I had to come in. We were playing some game, like hide and seek. I ran toward a bush to hide when I saw a small little shadow of a man dart behind the bush. At first, I thought it was one of the other kids but then it dawned on me that he was much too small!  When I got to the bush, no one was there! (True Story)

5251. Ebenezer Weeks. Born on 15 May 1665 at Kilkenny, Ireland

On 8 May 1689 Ebenezer married Deliverance Sumner, daughter of William Sumner (ca 1628-Feb 1675) & Elizabeth Clement, at Milton, MA. Born on 18 Mar 1668 at Boston, MA. Deliverance died on 21 Mar 1712.


The Leprechaun is an fairy. He looks like a small, old man (about 2 feet tall), often dressed like a shoemaker, with a cocked hat and a leather apron. According to legend, leprechauns are aloof and unfriendly, live alone, and pass the time making shoes. They also possess a hidden pot of gold. Treasure hunters can often track down a leprechaun by the sound of his shoemaker’s hammer. If caught, he can be forced (with the threat of bodily violence) to reveal the whereabouts of his treasure, but the captor must keep their eyes on him every second. If the captor’s eyes leave the leprechaun (and he often tricks them into looking away), he vanishes and all hopes of finding the treasure are lost.

Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a tree Live mystical, magical leprechauns who are clever as can be  With their pointed ears, and turned up toes and little coats of green The leprechauns busily make their shoes and try hard not to be seen.  Only those who really believe have seen these little elves  And if we are all believers We can surely see for ourselves. (Irish Blessing)

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