No Fortune or Glory for these Boxlid Actors

Posted: March 21, 2011 in boardgames

This game is on my radar but I am disgusted by the boxlid!  Have boardgame artists become so expensive that we must now endure 2nd rate actors adorned on game boxlids?

A note to Flying Frog: These real life photos are not helping your games, they are hurting!

I know what you guys are thinking that these actors set your games apart from other companies but you are wrong! I  would rather endure the dull browns and drab grays of a Euro before tolerating another bad actor.

Look at the guy in the goggles, he is not acting, you can see exactly what he is thinking:

“Man, I am one bad ass mad scientist, this pose is gonna look great!”

Flying Frog Hire some artists NOW!

  1. Stephen Avery says:

    Man, I totally agree. I think this game will be good but the cover is so very awful. I have no problem with the photos but they are not well done on the cover -t oo cluttered and no unity. The gameplay looks good though and I like some of the ideas they’ve incorperated into it.

  2. Pete says:

    These guys are fucking out of their minds. It’s like watching a monkey fucking a football kind of absurd.

    Let’s not forget the “theme CDs” because everyone knows that you have to include a theme CD to really want to play a game, right? I mean, who has their own music to listen to these days?

    Fuck FFP. LNOE was their only world-class title, then they backed it down with ATOE, and all the rest can suck a dick.

  3. JonJacob says:

    It’s really too bad because I think the game looks pretty awesome but I just can’t handle another shitty box cover like this in my collection. With LNOE it was endearing, with AToE it was a little tierd. Now it just looks like garbage.

    I still want to play it but it’s hard to care. If only I wasn’t so effected by the crap photo’s.

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