Interview with Boxlid Actor Count Francois

Posted: March 22, 2011 in boardgames

Steve:  Today we are talking with professional Boxlid Actor Count Francois Du Bonnet. Thanks for being with us Count!

Count: My pleasure Steve.

Steve: Tell me how you got into Boxlid acting.

Count: Well back in the 70’s when boardgames were all the rage, before video games,  actors like me were charged with the task of bringing “Life to cardboard” so to speak. It was our job to inject realism into a boardgame. A lot of the boardgames prior to the 70’s had cartoony graphics and we wanted to open up the boardgame market and make them not only for kids but for everyone so Boxlid acting was born.

Steve: Your most famous role was for the game “Masterpiece”

Count: Yes. That one jump started my career. I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped on the street by people asking me if I had got stuck with a Forgery.

Steve: (laughing)

Count: The 70’s in my opinion was the greatest era in boardgaming.

Steve: I take it you are not thrilled with today’s boardgames?

Count: I never was a big boardgame player. Wine and women were my passion which is why I was so successful in the role of the Count. I actually lived that role.

Steve: Unlike today’s boxlid actors who are…

Count: What actors? Your previous brilliant article displayed the fact in technicolor that there are no boxlid actors today! It is a dead career field. Those guys on that game are not actors, I doubt they even took a college class in theatre!

Steve: I know what you mean. Just look at the boxlid on “Masterpiece” it looks so much better.

Count: In the 70’s that was an all day shoot. It was not a posed photo. We held an actual auction and they took literally hundreds of photos. Today everyone thinks they are a photographer because they have a 12 megapixel camera. We seem to forget that talent is also a necessary ingredient.

Steve: The whole boxlid looks great. Most photo boxlid shots today look so contrived.

Count: Right! Just look at the expression on Bitsy’s face, the young lady on the left in the diamond patterened dress. I always loved that expression. Bitsy was a joy to work with in the Masterpiece shoot. She played the part of a spoiled rich girl. An amatuer boxlid actress would look all snooty and stuck up but she played it just the opposite with a child like innocence which is just brilliant boxlid acting!

Steve: I love how you ae holding your cigarette.

Count: Yes it subtle things like that that get lost in today’s multitasking society. Today’s boxlid actors put on a fake beard and think they can B.S. their way through out because they have seen enough epsiodes of “Friends” to understand acting. Before I did that shoot for masterpiece, I spent 3 weeks in a a castle in France living the part. You see a REAL Count in that photo not a hack actor.

Steve: Do you still do boxlid acting?

Count: No! I have long since retired and I am so glad to have been a boxlid actor in the 70’s. You must remember in those days. These boardgames were sold in department stores like JC Penneys and Sears so I was not doing a tour of conventions to promote a game like today’s boxlid actors do. I would not do that today. Posing with hygene challenged geeks who spend too much time on the computer. That is not for me! My fans in the 70’s seemed a lot more down to earth and I was glad to sign a painting or player card from Masterpiece every now and then. It was a good life.

Steve: Thanks Count

Count: Thank you Steve.


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