Wacky Wacky West

Posted: May 24, 2011 in boardgames

I had a good gaming weekend. I played a new game for the first time entitled “Wacky Wacky West”  This game has been around a long time but its one of those that flew under my radar. It is a tile laying game Klaus Teuber of Settlers fame so it just barely made it to my table. The only thing that saved it was the western theme.

Players lay tiles on a grid of a western town. Each player has a secret type of building he is protecting. It is his job to make sure these buildings don’t get crushed by tiles in the name of progress. What is really amusing about the game is that when a tile is layed over a blue outhouse the players must take a vote to see if the tile can actually remain on the board.

Each player has a hand of vote cards that represent different citizens in the western town. Some have a lot of sway and others only a little.

To tell you the truth I was surprised to see this level of vicious game play from a Euro designer. This may be the reason it has remained somewhat obscure. We also see this Godzilla crushing tile play in Elasund also by Klaus.

I remember listing to a podcast review of Elasund and the critique of the game was that it was so brutal. Funny stuff! But Wacky Wacky West is more streamlined, more direct and more fun all and all than Elasund.

Wacky Wacky West has all the elements that make for a good game. Good Western theme, comedy, backstabbing, and brutality.  Plus the fact that it is Wacky. In my book anything that is Wacky is good. Games and gamers that take themselves too seriously need to go to stamp collecting. Wacky is good. Remember the classic cartoon Wacky Races?

And what about Wacky packages. Those classic stickers!

Wacky Wacky West is good Wacky Fun. Even Michael Barnes has called me “Wacky Ol’ Steve Weeks”. I am in good company. Good fun stuff!

Recommended. An Ameritrash game by a Euro Guru.


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