Posted: June 7, 2011 in boardgames

Two player card games make for good gaming when your game group is a rag tag group of undependables. Any of the Kosmos series makes for good gaming even if somewhat Euro in their nature. The granddaddy being the famous or as some see it the infamous “Lost Cities” by Knizia.

“Lost Cities” is a good game especially when the 2nd player is female but the only problem with it as with a lot of Knizia’s is the scoring.  It seems the Knizia template for his games must include a wacky scoring system. Games like RA and Samurai also belong to the wacky scoring family. “Dragonheart” has a similar feel to “Lost Cities” but without the wacky scoring.

“Dragonheart” features a pasted on theme from the school of Knizia. The fantasy artwork features a mean looking troll and the gameboard has very helpful arrows which is really all you need to determine which pile to pick up.

The game is very quick, satisfying and quite fun. Several games have just now made me see how deep the strategy is in the game.

I have almost all of the two player Kosmos series and find this one comepeting with the best of them. ENJOY!

Also check out Bruno Faidutti’s review on his site.





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