Crocodiles and Fruit Rollups

Posted: June 10, 2011 in boardgames

I played a couple of games of Jambo with my daughter recently and I was about to right off the game as another Euro goods trading game when two things came into play. The first being the crocodile card. This card saved the game. It allowed you to unlease a crocodile into the other player’s market and destroy an item.

This is a feature not often found in a Euro style card game. This one card turned it into an Ameritrash game. Let the critics crow otherwise but any game that has a beast you can unleash on another player makes it Ameritrash.

Mayhem is an important factor in a good game.  Games from the 60’s and 70’s understood this very well. Games like “Battling Tops” for example,  the Mayhem makes the game. Mayhem is an important ingredient in the best games or Ameritrash games.

Of course, the mechanics of the game allow the Euro player to quickly discard the crocodile in favor of a more “strategic” card but this is of little importance to the Ameritrash player who will unleash the crocodile at the first available moment much to the chagrin of his opponent. There are other animals and things that do damage as well but none are as fun as that smiling Croc.

The games I played were both very close in score. A lot of text on the cards requires a few games to understand all the cards strategy and use. All in all a good game. My daughter claims the silk looked more like fruit rollups so we were trading fruit rollups in our markets and this made for even more Ameritrash influence and improvement in the game!


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