Castle Panic

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized


I played Castle Panic last night for the first time and enjoyed it quite a bit. It reminds me of the computer game Plants vs Zombies, which is a favorite of mine.

What amazes me about this game is how the designers have blended in the tension perfectly in the game because all of the games I have played have been very close, either defeated by a hair or won by one tower standing. As Pierre the Eurosnoot would say, “BALANCE”

This is far from a Eurogame, its a bloody coop tower defense game. I love the way the monsters hit points are tracked by simply rotating the triangles, a beautiful solution with no bookkeeping. The Giant Boulder is fantastic! Raiders of the Lost Ark my favorite movie of all time has a giant boulder as does another favorite game of mine, The Adventurers. Giant Boulders are good. A game with a giant boulder is an automatic “10” regardless of game play mechanics, sorry thats the law.

I was a little disapointed in the boss monsters. It didn’t really feel like they were invading or had a real presence above the normal monsters. When a boss arrives you should feel a shudder, I didn’t feel a shudder. The Healer in all games healed no one, and the other bosses didn’t really seem to rise above the fray.

I do like when a monster gets in the castle and begins to move clockwise and like the ticking of a clock you can see your impending doom looming over you, Good stuff!

The board is nice but the cardstock is bad, the cards sticking together, being a card stock snob I would have prefered linen finish. However, small quibbles for a really good game. After playing for awhile I began to think maybe too simple. I was wrestling with the fact that it may be a kids game, but got over that with more plays, and of course I was the Master Slayer.

  1. Felix Hack says:

    My 7-year old twins love this game, and yes, somehow most times the outcome is a nail-biter.

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