To Court the King

Posted: October 21, 2011 in boardgames

On the table last night at Thursday Night gamenight was To Court the King. This has been described by many as “Yahtzee with strategy”. The idea is to roll your dice setting one aside each time and try to achieve a roll that will allow you to capture a noble card from the center display. Each of these cards has different powers which will allow you to add dice in later turns, modify the dice or reroll the dice.

First time players will be likely overwhelmed by the cryptic symbols on the cards that explains the result needed for capture of the card and card effects. This was evident last night as a first time player was almost completely lost.  There were points in which I thought we might not finish the game because of the confusion. But luckily the players were in a forgiving mood for which I was thankful they where because the game got much more interesting.

The final round was exciting as you try to compete for the highest die rolls. This game is not a beer and pretzels game as it requires much thought and strategy. The 3 player game found some players waiting a little too long as one player weighed all of his options. This analysis paralysis and the way the start marker works caused some confusion. I found it was easy to forget the way the start marker goes because you are so deep in thought over maximizing your die rolls.

Nice cards with great artwork and nice dice in a small package make this a keeper because despite its shortcomings it does have dice and DICE are NICE.

  1. A lot of people I know don’t care for “To Court the King” but I friggin love it. I do wish the theme was something different. I can’t get into medievel royalty- How about building a giant robot instead?

    Also I wish it had a little impact on the other players. Other than stealing the best card available it is very much take your turn and hope some one doesn’t roll better to claim that resource you’re angling for.

    Despite the abundance of dice games that have proliferated (in large part from To Court the King) I still think there is a lot of potential here. Apparently so does Alien Frontiers…

    Steve”Dice Lover”Avery

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