Kicked Out of Essen!

Posted: October 24, 2011 in boardgames

My usual Essen commentary live from the Ustream Chat room was cut short this year. I was kicked out of the chat room for a simple remark about a kilt. It seems the hypersensitivity was on full display at the BGG booth in Essen this year. I must say that the Geekdo crew went all out and feel just short of a full Television production studio while providing demos from eager game companies.

Two “Booth Babes” were a vast improvement over Derk the Kilted one. While they may have lacked his personality they made up for it with their looks and more graceful approach to the role of hostess.

It is hard to be critical of the vast amount of work that went into these videos and I doubt anyone in the gaming hobby could have done better short of the big videogaming websites. However, BGG is playing catchup to many other video reviewers that are a hard act to follow including my very own video series THE DICE LOUNGE

  1. Long overdue.

    I caught myself about to say balance the other day and stopped and said



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