King of Tokyo

Posted: November 1, 2011 in boardgames

Last night’s Halloween gaming included a new title, King of Tokyo and what a game it is! Mr. Garfield has produced a masterpiece and I say this with a bit of sadness because I wish this game had been around when I was younger not for the fact that is is a game for kids but it is such a good game I feel it should have been part of my gaming youth along with Risk and other Ameritrash classics. This game has become a Top Shelf game in my gaming bungalow.

Mr. Garfield has hit the sweet spot and has captured with great skill the “X Factor” I have talked a lot about in my posts. The” X Factor” is a game that has mass appeal and includes hard core gamers, family gamers, casual gamers, and cool gamers, in short everyone! This is rare these days with designers going into “super niche” mode designing games for a small “elite only in their own mind” group of gamers. No matter, Mr. Garfield scores and scores BIG with King of Tokyo.

The components are incredible! A game with the name King of Tokyo needs big impressive dice and this game delivers these dice are a pleasure to roll! The art work is cartoony goodness and when choosing a monster I went straight for the Kraken just so I could use the famous line:

The gameplay in King of Tokyo is pure genius. I have played many games of King of Tokyo and have yet to come up with a winning strategy. I love how the game seems to be on a conveyor belt and you think you might win and get the monster in Tokyo down to 1 health point but you forgot he was at 18 victory points and gets 2 victory points for starting his turn in Tokyo therby winning. Your decisions are crucial. Do you go for healing or go for blood? Do you go for energy cubes or go for points? The last game I played I smiled as the Kraken grew a new head only to be defeated the next turn before I could roll my additional dice. ( I know I should have used the word “die” instead of dice but I NEVER say die, just like the English! HA!)

The game would be good if that was all there was to it, just the dice and battles but add in the cards and you have a game that goes to another level. The cards make each game different and can shake things up in a very fun way. You can add more dice, change dice, get victory points, grow wings and another head. King of Tokyo puts Monsters Menace America to shame, especially the final battle in that game. A cool idea would be to combine those games using King of Tokyo as the final battle for Monsters Menace America adjusting the health to certain advantages in King of Tokyo. Those two games combined could make for a great evening of Monster battles!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. My alter ego The Evil Dr. Montoya made his appearance and was pleased at the number of kids that ran in fear. But I was more pleased afterwards with the King of Tokyo. One of the best games I have played in a long time!



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