Orange Moon

Posted: November 17, 2011 in boardgames

I got a chance to play the expansion to Ghost Stories White Moon but it should really be called Orange Moon because it takes a great game and makes it slightly less fun. I know, I know! I read the other reviews too and maybe I should get in line with the other lemmings that say White Moon is great as they run this game off the cliff but I pulled out just in time.

I certainly appreciate the effort that went into to this expansion but with saving the villagers, the moon crystals, the artifacts and other rules I felt it took away from the simplicity of the original game. But the real crime of the expansion is that it removed the one element that made this game so fun, the approaching DOOM!

Ghost Stories is a hard game and that is what makes it a challenge and while it is still hard with the White Moon expansion, the additional elements take the focus off the approaching DOOM and make it more puzzle like.

Expansions are tough to do well. This one takes the game down a notch. It is not a complete failure but It is rapidly approaching the “straw syndrome” Just one more rule…one more element…one more piece of cardboard…

And soon you have a broken game much like HeroClix with an encyclopedia of colored powers that no one can remember.


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