Traders of Carthage

Posted: November 28, 2011 in boardgames

I took a second look at Traders of Carthage this weekend. An initial bomb for me when I first played it but I decided to give it a second look with several 2 player games. I am glad I did because I actually quite enjoyed the experience this time. There are a lot of decisions to balance in this game. The design includes a microbe worth of Ameritrash with the Pirate raids.

This game has you collecting goods and trading them in for victory points. The more you trade a good the more experience you collect with the achievement tokens. The cards perform double duty as coins and as goods and each turn you collect coins , buy the market of goods or reserve a good. That last action of reserving a good took a while for me to understand the true value of this action but it is VITAL! You must play the game several times to see the true value of reserving a good.

This game is a a delicate balancing act of trying to build up your goods and timing the ship to arrive at the right time without losing too much to pirate raids.

Scoring is by Victory Points in the tradition of Euros but in a unique way by value of 5 points with cards being stacked under a wooden pillar which for some strange reason illicits a slight feeling of satisfaction which is surprising for such a simple mechanic.

Once both of us became familar with the game the score was quite close, with me winning one game by a single point. I quite enjoyed Traders of Carthage and I am glad I gave it a second chance.


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