5 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Number 5: White Christmas by Dean Martin. White Christmas by Bing is the biggest selling record in the World but these days I prefer Dean’s cool version with better fidelty.


Number 4: Sleigh Ride by Andy Williams. This breakneck speed version blows away Harry’s lame version which everybody thinks is so great! Andy owns this tune!


Number 3:  Run Rudolph Run by Brian Setzer:  Brian Tears up Chuck Berry’s tune and shows us what real Rock N Roll is supposed to sound like! Just a fantastic performance!


Number 2:  Santa Bring My Baby Back by Elvis Presley. The King has so many great Christmas songs that it is not even funny but this underated tune is Elvis at his stripped down rockin’ best. The background vocals are cooler that all get out! I love this tune!


Number 1: Aluminum Christmas Tree by Steve Weeks. Christmas is for kids and anyone with a Martha Stewart Christmas Tree needs to tear it down with a crane and put up one those coll aluminum trees!




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