Platinum Pawn 2011

Posted: January 10, 2012 in boardgames

Last night in an undisclosed location the League of Untouchable American Gamers gathered to vote on the boardgame of the year. The scene was in mood and color very similar to the scene in the James Bond movie Thunderball where the secret organization SPECTRE gathered and discussed their business.

A neophyte looking at the photo above would assume that myself Steve Weeks would be the man behind the screen, the leader,  but I am just a humble servant sitting around the table. The leader of the League would surprise even the most jaded in gaming. His many exploits included posing as the Euro Overlord and causing extreme chaos on all gaming websites. But I digress, back to the business at hand, the boardgame of the year.

This year there was a clear winner, a game requested and played more than any other. A simple yet exciting game, that includes all AT components and ripples with excitement. Never dull in execution, not bogged down by needless complication, a game that never forgets that the sole reason for the existance of boardgames is not ART or Elegance but FUN! A game that makes no excuses for its silliness. A game that all ages and stripes of player can enjoy. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2011 Platinum Pawn Winner for Game of the Year goes to:



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