All Things Geek Video Series

Posted: January 25, 2012 in boardgames

A new video series about boardgames has surfaced produced by none other than Scott Alden of Boardgamegeek. I have been around the boardgame web culture for many years and recall the very first video offerings of boardgame enthusiasts from Boardgames with Scott to offerings by Joe Steadman and of coarse Tom Vasel. I myself have even been inspired to produce a short lived series entitled The Dice Lounge in which a lone non HD camera was operated by myself on a tripod while I acted, directed produced and lit the sets with table lamps and even appeared wearing a chicken hat. But…

Fast Forward to today where Scott Alden has gone professional. Everything from the hostess, to the audio,to the photography and editing, and pacing(which is where a lot of amatuers blow it) are done beautifully. You could easily find this video on television and it would like right at home on those video game networks.

I am amazed that such a small hobby can have work of this caliber produced and available to those of us in the hobby. This no doubt speaks to the commitment of Alden and his crew to the boardgame hobby. This is certainly on the level if not better of the videos seen on Gamespot and IGN whose videos have became stagnant and predictable.

I have only a few small things that I did not like in the video but I hesitate to bring them up as my dislike may be seen to be on par with the “Great Font Debate” that surfaced here recently. The thing I did not like was the animated graphics. I like the “Indiana Jones” graphic that shows the journey to Essen but did not like the style. It was somewhat a “blocky” and crude.

Another thing I did not like was the lack of Derk Solko. He is a major force and personality behind BGG and it felt like a big void without him. Granted he can be bombastic but that is good!

I was highly amused at the shots of Scott Alden in the video. He was made to look like a Boardgame God, the man behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

Thos hostess is very likable and I predict that this video series will be responsible for causing record attendance at BGG Cons in the future.

Congratulations to Alden and his crew on what has been the best produced video so far in the boardgaming world. I look forward to more episodes.


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