Martian Dice

Posted: February 8, 2012 in boardgames

I am a big fan of Zombie Dice so the purchase of Martian Dice was a no brainer! More options and different gameplay in Martian Dice allow for a cool variation of the push your luck dice game. You start by rolling all 13 dice and then set aside any tanks that may be attacking you. You then have the option to fend those tanks off with deathrays or worry about that later and begin abducting cows, chickens and humans.

You keep rolling and score all of the creatures you abducted as long as you keep the attacking tanks in check with the deathrays. I played through many games of this and found it just as fun as Zombie dice.

I would give a slight edge to Zombie dice but Martian Dice holds its own and is a little more of a thinking game and not quite as fast as Zombie Dice.

I did come up with a couple neat variants to Martian Dice. The first being when keeping score also keep track of the number of cows abducted.The person who has abduced the most cows gets “Mad Cow Disease” and must continue throwing the dice and does not get the option to stop. He goes MAD until someone abducts more cows than him!

The second variant being keep track of the number of chickens abducted. The person who abducts the most must wear the chicken hat. This should play well with the Wild and Crazy BGG crowd.

Both Zombie Dice and Martian Dice are cool, fun, portable games that are more interesting than Yahtzee.


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