Wellllllll Doggies!!!

Posted: February 20, 2012 in boardgames

I pulled out this gem the other night when I needed a filler. The Beverly Hillbillies Card Game came out in 1963 and is really just the card game Setback. A trump taking card game with great pictures of Jed, Granny, Jethro and Ellie Mae. Jed is Red and he is always trump as players bid on how many tricks they will take and if they guess right they take that many chips out of the pot and if you are wrong you pay your bid in chips to the pot. The real bitch of the game is that you have to get EXACTLY 10 points to win. So if your score is a total of 8 points you have to bid 1 or 2 and this can be really hard is you have a hand full of trumps and high cards.

What really makes tis game Ameritrash is the screwage. There are two special Red Jed Cards in the deck. If you win a trick with these special cards you can decide to keep the trick or give it away to an opponent. A great way to send an opponent’s perfect bid straight to hell or at least back to BugTussel! HA!

Everytime I played a Jed Card I couldn’t resist saying, “Welllllll, doggies”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I feel sorry for you because you are no doubt wrapped up in modern television such as MTV’s Classic reality show, Teen Moms. To each his own.

Players caught on to the game easy. All you have to say is its kind of like spades and they get it. One player commented afterwards, That was a great game!

I plan on taking a closer look at these Milton Bradley “Key to Fun” games in the future. Pro gamers(Read PRO=Jaded) almost always write them off as bad. Back in 1963 when The Beverly Hillbillies was hot on TV, putting merchandise like this out was a way to cash in on the success of the show, much like video game releases based on movies today and the same mentality applies, these are almost always bad. However, these products need to be looked at on the basis of “fun factor” and not so easily stereotyped in such an elitist manner.

  1. stephenavery says:

    Wow. Now here is a game that I have not played. How could I miss Ellie Mae wanting to wrassle?!
    Nice find.


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