Posted: March 22, 2012 in boardgames

Card games always have a welcome place in my game library.  Especially card games that are short, punchy, to the point and fun. Timeline has all of these and more! In Timeline the object is to try and guess when an invention was invented and then place the card in the appopriate spot in the Timeline. The line starts with just one invention with the exposed date showing so you take one of your 6 cards from your hand and place it before or after the date shown. As the game progresses the dates between two inventions can be quite narrow making for some tight squeezes and rather pleasing moments when you slide an invention in right under or after one year with razor thin accuracy.

Of course you might think that once you play  Timeline a few times you will have the dates memorized. I can tell you, at least for me and my group this is no worry. But like many have said, even if you do remember the dates then at least you learned something!

Timeline is a good game and has been requested for repeat play in my group. This is always a good sign!

Timeline is not only a good game but a pretty good movie as well.


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