Those Powerless Game Reviewers

Posted: May 16, 2012 in boardgames

Ahhhh the game reviewer. In his mind he is the Superman of the hobby but the public at large is his kryptonite. The board game reviewer has had little or no impact on the hobby at large. What little impact he has had is limited to his certain tribe of followers who need a stamp of approval on their game purchases.

Despite the modern game reviewer’s general disdain for Monopoly and Munchkin these games still sell at record levels. More and more variants of monopoly are available each year and Steve Jackson’s Munchkin sells and multiplies into countless variants that seem to breed on game shop shelves.

A professional movie reviewer is good at his job because he sees all the movies that come out and when he sees all the movies he can usually pick out the good from the bad.  It would also seem a good policy for a game reviewer to play as many games as possible to pick out the good from the bad but this is not so. These game reviewers play so many games that they become jaded and they lose the “fun” of the game. Most are surprised when they pull out a game they initially hated to find the other players loving it.

So if we cannot trust these game reviewers what is the game hobbyist to do? My advise would be first trust your own “gaming instinct” and second tune into blogs and reviewers that don’t accept free material and are more grounded than your average spaced out basement dweller!



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