No Pez Dispenser for Wheaton!

Posted: September 25, 2012 in boardgames

I have been seeing Wil Wheaton a lot lately. Last night I saw him with Robin Williams in the film “Flubber”. I have seen Wil Wheaton in his Table Top Series on gaming which has put all amateur productions to shame, save mine. (Slight arrogant smile) But one place you will not see Wheaton is on a Pez dispenser. Wheaton is not included!

What a mighty blow to the ego of Wheaton who had produced a stuffed Wheaton for fans but when the rubber hit the road Wheaton was not a big enough name to be included in the new Trek Pez collection. I remember all to well the buzz about Wheaton in the Star Trek series. Many fans upset that he would ruin the show the same way Adric ruined Doctor Who. Why couldn’t Wheaton meet the same fate as Adric? It would have been a sweet episode to see, but alas we must settle for Wheaton not immortalized as a Pez figurine.


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