DC Deck Building Game

Posted: March 20, 2013 in boardgames


Here at the Weeks Gaming Bungalow, “Thunderstone” is a staple so when it came to checking out another Deckbuilder, the DC Deck-Building Game was worth a look. It hit the table this past weekend to rave reviews.

I broke my rule by watching a tedious video review of this game prior to buying. I bought the game because the review was lukewarm, I sensed the game was better and it was much better than this video reviewer claimed it to be.

This toad’s main complaint was that he could not explain why the villians kept coming back after they were defeated. Had he bothered to read the rule book it gave a great explaination for this occurance. You see when you get enough power in your hand you can defeat a super villian and he goes into your stack. When you play him again from your deck it is assumed that this is the experience you gained from defeating him coming into play, NOT the villian again himself. SIMPLE! and very satisfying and logical!

Another complaint was the super heroes attacking each other during the game. Why would Wonder Woman attack Superman? These are not deadly attacks they are more like setbacks and it helps to think in terms of Justice League, this is simply a little friendly competition to get to the villian first.

One complaint that did have some merit by this video toad was the box design. The cards are hard to get out of the box. But let me give you a simple tip. Put a rubberband around the cards and lift them out by the rubberband, problem solved. If the box design helped cut the cost which is way lower than Marvel Legendary, I am all for this design in ALL games!

This game is just plain fun, game length is perfect, super powers, equipment and all other cards work great together. This takes it place as an Ameritrash Classic and we see a lot of play! Love it!


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