Filler is Killer

Posted: April 17, 2013 in boardgames

 I am beginning to realize that your average “filler” game has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.  Simplicity, a good group and a tasty beer makes for some of the best gaming experiences. My current games hitting the table now are almost all “fillers”. But this is not a bad thing! Let’s look at some I played recently:


I have played a lot of Monopoly Millionaire on the Kindle Fire HD. I always enjoy the game. I like the Forced trades and Sly deals and a lot of the features are packed into the new Monopoly Millionaire Deal Card Game.  The game is over in 10 to 15 minutes and is a blast to play. I really like the Gold Property. Having that Premium Gold Property and forcing someone to pay double rent is nice! The first player to a Million bucks wins the game. When you pay rent you don’t get any change so manage your Money cards well! No houses or hotels in this edition, its a race to be a Millionaire and a Great bang for your buck game!


I dusted Cartagena off after years of not playing. My initial impression of this game was Candyland for adults that left you with a mild headache. But after my most recent play that is far too harsh. The game got a great reaction and I enjoyed it more this time than in the past, It could be that in the past I was jaded by the ongoing Ameritrash vs Euro games war but this is good solid filler, simple to explain and unique in that drawing cards comes with a price, I like that!


I remember talking with a fellow Ameritrasher years ago about Horse racing games. He prefered The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game and said that Knizia’s Royal Turf sucked all the fun out of the genre.

Well he was wrong, fun was had once again with Royal Turf. It takes multiple plays to see the subtle beauty of this game and everyone that has ever played it loved it!  I won big with Carmello! Where’s my cigar?





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