Posted: April 22, 2013 in boardgames


I’m still on a “Filler” kick and this gaming weekend was no different. For the first time I tried out the game Marrakech. There is simply nothing like it on the market.  A new twist on a tile laying game where the tiles are rugs. You and the other players are rug merchants trying to outwit each other in the maze of a rug market. Each turn you move Assam the nice wooden man from Istanbul and after his move which is determined by rolling a nice large die with slippers on it, you lay down one of your rugs.

The real trick comes in that you can cover up other players rugs and if another player lands on your rug he must pay up depending how many squares of your rugs are showing.


The components are great in this game, really top shelf and the fact that you can find this game for under $20 and that it is so unique make it a must own in every collection. I played 2 and 3 player and much prefer 3 player. 

My idea is to have an Arabian themed game night including this, Through the Desert, and Tales of the Arabian Knights. The winner takes home the Fez.



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