Posted: April 23, 2013 in boardgames


Fantasy Flight’s Silver Line of games have always had an appeal to me. These Silver Line games are essentially “filler” games with great themes. This past weekend I had a go at Mutiny by Kevin Wilson. The game is a blind auction game and you have to imagine that you are having secret meetings with 5 key crew members of the pirate ship, trying to bride them. The winner of the game is the first player to get a number of cutlasses, 10 to 8.  Being the high bid or bribe on the Gunner for example will earn you two cutlasses and the 2nd place player will earn one cutlass and if you are tied the player with the spyglass will decide who breaks the tie.

Each key crew member you bribe does a different thing that could swing the game in an unexpected way and throw a rotten saltine down the throat of your parrot! Abast!!!

Chaos, doublecross, and downright nastiness can happen in this game all in 45 min or so and in my book that is good!

This game is a sleeper and doesn’t get much press but with the right players on board some rum and some clicked off Iphones, a lot of high seas fun can be had!



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