These Eggs are Runny!!!

Posted: April 24, 2013 in boardgames


I love card games and will give any card game a try at least once. Recently I tried a card name by the name of King’s Breakfast. The idea is that you collect different food item cards in your hand but you don’t want to collect more than the King has of the same food item. Along with that is a Dragon card that gobbles up two food cards of the King potentially spoiling the plans of another player collecting that food item.

The art work is uninspired and looks like something you would find in Richard Simmons Deal a Meal diet plan.


The dragon card which sounds like it might inject some excitement in the game is a complete bore and in fact the whole game is more like clipping coupons from a newspaper than any kind of game.


King’s Breakfast is a dreadful card game that lacks fun and excitement. It was created back when Eurogames where all the rage and when a designer thought Euro mechanics and lack of theme would make any game good. Wrong!

Bring some Tums to this game, you will need them!

runny eggs




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