Viking Gods

Posted: April 29, 2013 in boardgames


I opened up the vault of lost games this weekend and played a game of Viking Gods. The date was 1982 from TSR. D&D ruled the roost and very few hobby boardgames were on the market but you would see occasional games like this in the hobby shops and of course with a theme that involved Thor I was all over this game. Thor by the way is my favorite Marvel movie of late.


In Viking Gods one player plays the Chaos side that includes Loki and Fire Giants and Frost Giants and the other player has Thor on their side along with Odin.


For Thor’s side to win he must simply destroy Loki and for chaos to rein supreme they must destroy the tree, Yggdrasil.

Old Avalon Hill wargamers will notice a CRT on the map. Ahhhh a CRT, pure bliss to an Ameritrash gamer. This CRT however is very simple and works really well with only the most basic calculations necessary to resolve a battle.


You can see Loki and a band of Fire Giants start on the rainbow bridge. During the game the rainbow bridge starts to collapse and the chaos player must cover two hexes each turn with black counters.


Frost Giants start up on the Glacier.


Yggdrasil the tree is guarded well but is it guarded well enough from Loki and his forces? It was not guarded well enough because Loki slaughtered Thor and company and very soon I heard one word: TIMBER!!!!!

One neat thing about the game is that in the center of the map their is a Hela peice that roams randomly devouring any piece that it lands next to, sort of a hurricane going on the game that reminds me of the classic bermuda Triangle game! HA!



Viking Gods is a nice little wargame that plays out in a short time. It is very portable and enjoyable. The downside is the pieces. Very small counters and a paper map but all in all a great travel wargame rich with theme!



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