Undermining: Robots of Death Variant

Posted: April 30, 2013 in boardgames


When I first saw the game Undermining I immediately thought of the Doctor Who Robots of Death episode. Where the Robots on board the mining vehicle go crazy and start killing of the humans and giving the crew “Robophobia”.

In the game Undermining you are mining a planet for different valuable elements and fulfilling contracts to earn money or Star Bucks which is not coffee but the currency in the game. While mining you also encounter alien artifacts which allow you to perform many additional actions and powers.

My variant for the game simply entails pasting a Robot face on one of the player aid cards and slipping this card in the artifacts deck, so a player runs the risk of “Robophobia” when mining an artifact. When a player draws the “Robophobia” card his vehicle shuts down and loses a turn. A simple variant that gives the game Undermining a distinct Doctor Who flavor. A cool game however you play it!


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