Sewer Pirats

Posted: May 6, 2013 in boardgames


Who could not resist trying this theme for a game? In Sewer Pirats, vermin cruise down the vile waters to collect the most valuable trash. Your crew? A rat, snail, weasel, racoon, cockroach and toad. 4 of these vile creatures will comprise your crew on 3 ships each players creatures trying to be Captain of the ship or at least get on board for a cut of the booty! The Captain gets the best prize and then it all slides down hill, kind of like the corporate world! HA!

The components in this game ae top notch. Fantasy Flight sets a new bar in cardboard counters these are the Rolls Royce of cardboard counters! The minis are well done. Take a look on the internet at some of the paint jobs! Fantastic! The creature abilities are perfect! For example, the cockroach can slip on a ship without playing cards and the Weasel can “weasel” onto another ship and be captain again, while to toad hops forward and the Racoon robs a card from you just like a bandit!

I played several games of this and enjoyed them all. The game is not too long and it has many difficult decisions. Love it!


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