Epic Moments in Gaming—Loch Ness

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Uncategorized


It was late at the Pub and I had drank my share of Pints but I wasn’t so far gone as to have lost my gaming moxy and was in the mood for one last joust with a couple of ladies that were chatting up my last win at El Grande. I sat down in the corner with them. A Nice table that David O’Kelly kept for me since it worked perfect for gaming. I ordered another pint and set up the game of Loch Ness

WP_20150317_005 (1)

I took on the role of Claude McMirror and as the game progressed I knew it was a tight game, very close and anyone could win.


This would be the last round as the Little Nessie would surely go past 65 on the board. I took a long sip of Ale from my mug and looked at the board.


Big Nessie was 6 spaces away from my 7 value cameraman but the problem was Belinda Viewing had her value 7 cameraman 5 spaces away next to mine. I had two great photos of the trunk and tail of Nessie as you can see.


I needed Big Nessie to stop in front of my number 7 cameraman so I could get a shot of the head and yes the head was available to grab from the face up cards,


The decision facing me now was what move card to play. It was late and I was full of Ale and I thought I had a pretty good idea what cards remained for Belinda and Filosa but I couldn’t be sure. I played my card face down and hoped for the best. I needed Big Nessie to stop in front of my green 7 cameraman so I could get the head shot. The head shot would give me a complete series and 10 points which from my calculations should be enough to win the game. I took a sip of Ale and Belinda turned over the move cards,


Nightmare scenario! A blasted FIVE!!! That moves Big Nessie directly in front of Belinda!


I will get points sure, but I won’t get to get the head shot photo I desperately needed to win the game! CURSES! Belinda smiling ear to ear as she starts to grab for the Head Shot photo.


But wait! My droopy lids opened as something dawned on me. I had put a token on the Bagpipes space on the board. Those lovely BAGPIPES! I felt so good I almost wanted to put on a Kilt and walk around a game convention. Do you realize what this means? The bagpipes allow me to move BIG NESSIE one space more directly in front of my Green cameraman!


Belinda looked like she had hit by a sledge hammer. I picked up the head shot of Nessie, which did indeed give me the game!



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