Epic Moments in Gaming—Shazamm!

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


Welcome brave gamer to another episode of Epic Moments in Gaming! This week we look at another hidden gem, Shazamm! from Zman Games.

I remember this match well. It was a dark windy night, the electricity was out and the game was lit by candlelight. Appropriate since Thurgood and I were both playing the role of Wizards battling atop a bridge that was collapsing as we hurled a wall of flame towards each other.

I played the green wizard which was a beautiful standup(slight smile) of thick cardboard with a sturdy black base.


No plastic mini could match the beauty of this marvelous standup. A flowing green robe with a Viking type helmet. Actually the Weeks Clan may hail from Viking ancestors but I have yet to inherit a horned helmet. Historians say that Vikings never wore horned helmets it would be too easy for a foe to grab the horns in battle but this is not entirely true because ceremonial priests may have worn them and as I am now in the role of a wizard this fits nicely. But I digress, back to this Epic Moment in Gaming. (Insert Fanfare Here)

My opponent played by Thurgood was the Evil red Wizard and I had him on the ropes. The wall of fire blazing so close it singed his nose hairs! This would also be our last round if by some chance I was victorious because the wall of fire would push him into the lava below as the bridge continued to crumble away.


However, I am afraid all did not look like a Rose Garden and certainly I was not promised a Rose garden in this game! My mana was at 3 meager points while The Evil Red Wizard had 14 points! This was certainly bad news for me!


I was weak and exhausted. Fighting tooth and nail with every spell I could muster but I was foolish to squander so much of my mana. I should have been more careful. I looked at my dial and the number 3 stared directly at me.


Fate was laughing at me! Had I come this far only to be defeated by Thurgood’s master planning? I looked over rather sheepishly at his evil red eye. I knew what lay beneath and had no doubt he would spend his full 14 points of mana in an attempt to foil me and send the wall of flames towards my imported silk robe from Essen.


The flicker of the candlelight on the table twisted Thurgood’s features into such an evil smile it defies description. He slowly turned over the only spell card he played this round.

I was afraid to look at it might have been better if I didn’t. As I looked I heard thunder outside in the distance. Quite appropriate.


Hath you no mercy Thurgood! A double dose? This means The Red Wizard now has a total of 28 mana! But this was not needed! Thurgood knew I had only 3 mana, I was easily defeated. Playing the double dose was like pouring salt in the wound. A cruel play.

Another sound of thunder could be heard in the distance as I raised my lowered head and cocked my eyebrow like Spock. I had also only played a single spell card. A single green card lay on the table waiting to be turned over. A bead of sweat could be seen rolling down the forehead of Thurgood as he struggled to keep smiling. Suspense was building. My hand went for the spell card to turn it over.

WP_20150321_010 (1)

The knockout punch was delivered to Thurgood as I turned over the card. What a glorious card and the card he feared most in this situation. A card that would send the Evil Red Wizard swimming in a pool of lava.


Since i was the loser with only 3 mana the wall of flames engulfed the Red Wizard and forced him back to the falling flagstone and sent him screaming to his lava bath.


It didn’t dawn on to me until later that the little green lizard there was actually Michael Barnes in familiar mode, a minion of the Red Wizard!

As I looked over the edge, A balloon simliar to the one in the Wizard of Oz appeared out of nowhere, I hopped inside just in time as the bridge totally collapsed. Despite my harrowing experience I couldn’t help breaking out in song, singing “Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon” and to my surprise Greg Schloesser and Rick Thornquist both wearing Mr. Rogers type sweaters,  appeared from behind some sandbags and started singing backup to my song, ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba!

This concludes this episode of EPIC MOMENTS IN GAMING!


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