Epic Moments in Gaming—Napoleon

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Uncategorized



It was Saturday June 17. Not in real time but in game time. In real time it was around late December 3am I was drinking a Gin and Tonic while Thurgood moved a French Force into the town of Quatre Bras.



An unexpected move but I saw an opprotunity here. Wellington had been marching his force from Brussels along the road headed to Quatre Bras and it was a perfect opportunity to strike a little terror in the French forces.


Wellington invaded Quatre Bras and as I took a sip of my Gin and Tonic I could almost imagine the sweat on Napoleon’s brow as he got the news of Wellington’s move. Thurgood certainly didn’t expect that I would leave Brussels undefended and was taken aback as the forces were lined up on the battle map.


My plan was simple. Scorch the Earth. I planned to fire my artillery in the center and move the Infantry unit on the left flank and the infantry unit and the right flank to engage.I fired the artillery. I was firing at long range. I rolled 3 six sided dice and I needed a 6 to hit.

The first roll was a “1”, obviously a misfire. The second roll was a “3” a miss. But the final and third roll hit, a “6”


The hit reduced the French infantry unit in the center to a combat value of 3.


Meanwhile on my right flank bullets were whizzing past bobbing heads. There were misses all the way around on both sides. However on the left flank an unsettling situation was brewing. The French cavalry unit was inflicting some whoop ass on the English Infantry unit.

The cavalry unit hits on a 5 or 6 and had rolled two 5’s in a row reducing the combat value of the English unit down to “1”



Thurgood smiled as his brutal cavalry unit almost destroyed my infantry unit. I was in trouble big time and since I was down to a combat value of “1” I had to make a morale roll.

I had to send Wellington over to the left flank to pump up the spirits of the lads. Wellington would give me a +1 to my morale roll.


A sip of the Gin and Tonic and it was time to roll. I could hear Wellington saying,

“Keep calm and Carry On, stiff upper lip and all of that rot, what would Matt Thower do?”

I hoped for the best and rolled the die.


A “3”!!! Nooooo, I needed at least a “4”…but wait Wellington gives me a +1 that makes “4” and the infantry unit much like Popeye eats a can of spinach and fights on inspired by the words of Wellington! Back to the center flank the artillery was on a roll and a final 6 knocked out the center line forcing the French retreat as Wellington takes Quatre Bras in a glorious battle.


So ends another EPIC MOMENT IN GAMING (echo)


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