Epic Moments in Gaming—Heave Ho!

Posted: March 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

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I have always enjoyed the Two Player Kosmos series and Heave Ho! is no exception. It was Sunday afternoon, I was wearing my new plaid Kilt and as Thurgood set aside his bagpipes it was time for a little Tug of war Scottish style!


Thurgood played the Glenfiddich family and was doing well. he was 3 spots away from pulling the whisky barrel to his side to win the game. Thurgood also had the distinct advantage of Nessie pulling the rope on his side!


I could see the barrel slipping away. My mouth watered for a taste of the GlenLivet that lay waiting for the victor inside the barrel. Of course, when Thurgood and I played we always wagered a bottle of GlenLivet. I could not stand a loss of that magnitude. I must collect my wits about me and formulate a plan for my team to win!


My team was no slouch, I played the Bowmore family and my top team member at the moment was Helga Bowmore. She was ugly as sin, but a sweet gal and a hell of a good cook and could tug a rope like nobody’s business but it was not enough at the moment and the whisky barrel was slipping away!


Not to be outdone in the female department Thurgood played a fine Scottish lass with a Heave Ho! which meant we did a tally and moved the whisky barrel and it went another notch toward Thurgood, who was already looking for his favorite whisky glass in anticipation of tasting the Glenlivet.


Two more tugs and I was done. I would be toast! Thurgood smiled and made a nightmare play!


All female contestants were called home and it was a game for the men! This meant I lost the star of my show, HELGA!!! NO!!!! It did not look good for me at all!


Another Heave Ho! from Mr. Pigtails! He gave it all he had as his hat flew off his head!

The barrel now only one step away from my defeat!


As I drew a card and filled my hand. The stars all seemed to align at once and smile down on me! I could almost hear the cork popping out of teh Glenlivet bottle as I smiled and played the one card I needed!


I played the glorious Monstrous card! Which simply means Nessie got tired of this little game of Tug of War and ate all the team members on Thurgood’s side. Giving me a Glorious victory and truly another Epic Moment in Gaming!

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