3 Best Boardgame Combat Systems

Posted: October 4, 2010 in boardgames

Despite my love for the age old CRT in the wargames of Avalon Hill, I have come to realize that the best boardgame combat systems have the calculations done for you in the combination of dice used in the game. Nothing slows down a good battle game more than a tedious resolution of combat. The best games have a fast and furious combat system. In my opinion here are 3 of the best!

First, the system used in Memoir 44. The Command and Colors system offers one of the best combat resolution systems. The dice and cards do all the work in a very fast and exciting system. This system is also seen in other games such as BattleLore and others in the Command and Colors series but Memoir is my favorite.

Next, the pure simplicity of the Heroscape battle system is just great and that combined with the special abilities of the battling creature can translate into any Universe!

And Finally for a dice system that tell you if you hit, how much damage and ammo usage the dice in DOOM are great!

Dice just naturally lend themselves to combat and battle games. Card combat just doesn’t cut it! It’s like two old ladies playing bridge!


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